Rule Clarification

So I’m not an expert with the rules, but I was confused last night and need someone to help me.

When Mizzou had the ball in the last few minutes of the game and they made an illegal screen against Beard (when he got knocked to the floor), Mizzou picked up it’s 9th foul. AR got the ball out of bounds. Why wasn’t Beard shooting free throws? Does the bonus and double bonus only apply if you are on offense and I’ve somehow missed that all these years.


Good question, I was wondering same thing bc they called that illegal screen twice and I thought we’d get free throws.

I’m not 100% sure but I believe it’s considered a player control foul (like a charge) and therefore free throws aren’t awarded.

You never shoot fouls on an offensive foul (meaning when they have actual possession). Mizzou was in possession of the basketball when the illegal screen was set.

Correct. No free throws on an offensive foul. It gets nitpicky because if a shooter releases the shot and crashes into the defender a split second later, there can be free throws. But releasing the shot means the offense no longer has possession.

Thank you, I was actually wondering about that in the first half. They made a point to say several times that we took 18 FT attempts and Missouri only three, but the fouls tracker on the score showed Missouri was in the double bonus. I know two of their three FT attempts came on foul 7. Guy hit the front end of the one and one.

Makes sense. I guess what has confused me is off ball fouls that occur and just assumed this was an off-ball foul, but what actually mattered was AR didn’t have possession. Thanks!

There used to be the qualifier that free throws were not shot if it was a “player control foul”, which meant the player in control of the ball. I was not aware that it applied to all offensive fouls. Not sure how I missed it.

That is how I remembered it too. Either I am remembering it wrong (don’t think so, but as I get older I have learned not to trust my memory so much!) or they changed the rule.