Rule changes

… some approved, some rejected (some were available in the SEC, but not elsewhere.)

Here is an article summarizing all of the changes. … ecommended

I don’t like those hit by pitch rules. First, a pitcher should be rewarded for throwing a bad pitch that comes close enough to hitting a batter. Second, a coach should not be subject to an automatic ejection for questioning whether an umpire makes a correct judgement call about a hit batter.

I read that second one a little differently than you do, Matt. I don’t see that a coach cannot argue whether or not a guy was hit with a pitch, or even if he didn’t get out of the way. As I read it, the only time a coach cannot argue is if the batter is judged to have been intentionally thrown at and hit.

[color=#BF0000]“Any umpire ruling on intentionally hit batters cannot be argued.”[/color]

They also did not approve a paid 4th assistant.