Rule changes for nit

3 point line moved further away and lane widened. Plus some foul stuff. Will be interesting to see how our 3 point shooting and theirs will be affected.

I hate that. No reason to experiment with games that count in the record. Speaking of records, I’d hate to go a game without a 3 point shot made because the line was extended beyond what everyone else plays.

The three-point line will be moved back to the international distance of 22-1.75, which is 16 inches behind the NCAA line. Lane will be NBA width of 16 feet. Shot clock will reset to 20 seconds after an offensive rebound instead of 30. All of those changes were also used in the 2018 NIT.

The new rules experiments for 2019:

  • Team fouls will reset at the 10-minute mark of each half for the purposes of bonus free throws. Almost like having quarters but not quite.
  • No 1-and-1s. Fifth foul of each 10-minute segment is two shots. Given our foul shooting issues, this is probably a good change for us.

Joe and Jones have range well beyond 20-9, so I don’t anticipate much of an issue with that.

Those rule changes sure are an advantage for the home teams, especially the Tuesday home teams. Providence can practice on their home floor from the 16 foot wide lane and the longer 3 point shots all day tomorrow, while the Hogs are flying to Providence. I assume we will fly Monday so we can practice on their floor Tuesday. Wish we had a Wednesday game.