Rule changes for 2022

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Somebody had posted a link, but it didn’t mention anything about the anti-flopping provision IIRC. The reporting to the national supervisor isn’t great IMO, but I do understand they don’t want people trying to continue to play who are actually injured because they’re worried about a flopping call.

I see they added a new signal. Fans are gonna see that and go “Whaaaaaa?” especially if the ref’s mike is out of order.

This is from the thread last week:



Very disappointed that I don’t see anything in the fake injuries process to change a thing. A team fakes injuries and the opposing team or the conference appeals to the national ref. So they say yes it appears he faked an injury on that play. And the conference says you are hereby fined $10k or you’re on double-secret probation or whatever. If it’s not a penalty at the time and place of the infraction, the guilty team benefits from their strategy and will take the slap on the wrist. This is one area that really pisses me off because scumbags are the ones that use it and this will not effect their discovered loophole at all. Lane and Drink are laughing their heads off at this.

Let’s not forget about Gus. He was an early learner on flopping in critical situations.

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Very True. Remember the Auburn game up here about 6 - 7 years ago? I had never heard of it and the D-Back fell down. I thought it would be a penalty or something.

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Been discussed in other threads I’m sure, but here is the list lined up two weeks before kickoff.

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This is John McDaid’s presentation on 2022 rule changes. Includes video clips to explain the changes.

John is SEC Coordinator of Football Officials

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