Rule changes for 2017-18

The last bullet point about the SEC having replay help from the league office especially caught my eye: … ws-10-feet

I’m OK with the coaches box extension, but I just wish they would keep coaches off the floor. (Including our own). Especially while play is in process. I hate seeing the coaches out on the floor. Sit the heck down and let the kids play. And, I think the darned refs get too close to the guards out away from the basket. Sometimes it looks like they are double teaming the ball handler. Get the heck off the floor and leave it for the players.

When we play Kentucky it’s 5 hogs aginst 8 cats! Until they enforce some conduct standards on refs on the floor it will remain a problem. Coaches need to clean thier act up too! If your mad or upset about a call simple get the T and sit down.
Replay won’t change the poor officiating either. Freedom of movement has went too far!

That dog won’t hunt. You are claiming Kentucky has more power in selecting officials than all the other SEC colleges combined. No college wants officials to be bias in favor of another team and will vote accordingly.

Why not? Alabama gets what it wants in football. My theory is that SEC officials, no matter the sport, protect the ranked team, home or road. You have to completely outplay a team to get an upset in the SEC. If it’s close, the “better” team will get the calls.