Rubber mallet down

Center lane!

Looks like we are cruising in grannies 82 olds

Let’s see: poor red zone offense, dropped INTs on defense, good d for awhile followed by complete easy bust, a missed chip shot FG, a QB who physically can’t make all the throws.

Things look SO much different. Left lane boogie down production hammers.

Seriously what did you expect? They’ve had 11 practices in this system. It’s gonna be a process. And the weather doesn’t help either. CM probably overpromised for today.

OL still a long ways away.wont run the ball on many SEC defenses…whats going on with the wr’s our go to guys are a walkon and HS kid who should be going to his prom…I am glad we have a long time to get better

I do like Maleek Williams. He’ll play a lot if he stays healthy.

Hyatt’s showing some skillz too.

The RBs are good, as are the TEs. The receivers corps also appears to be good enough to succeed.

I think the QBs kind of showed a pretty honest view of their strengths and weaknesses. Ty knows the offense and makes the correct read, but he’s limited physically with what he can do. Cole has a much better arm, competes like hell, and has a lot of upside. But he makes more mental mistakes and sometimes trusts his arm too much-he puts himself in awkward positions to throw more than necessary. He’s still the best choice, IMO, and remember he is still just a sophomore. Daulton looked good against the second/third team defense, he certainly is a much better runner off the RPO than the other two. We need the biochem department to rig up some kind of experiment to see if we can give him about 20 pounds from Cole. Aune did not look bad in his series, but the sample size for him was really too small for me to tell much about him.

The OL blocked the run fairly well at times. The pass blocking was hit and miss, and in a spring game its hard to know if that’s good defense/bad offense or some combination of both.

This was about as vanilla a play-calling as you can do in that offense. For one thing I think we threw either one or two screens all day, and Morris always has called a lot of WR and other screens in his previous stops. It looked there is still a lot of thinking going on by the offense, which slows things down and makes for jerkier performance. It may be October before, as a group, they get enough reps to really start feeling comfortable in the offense.

Overall, it was about what I expected in a spring game.