RS O-Lineman

I’ve not read a lot about our 3 Freshmen O-Linemen. I know they looked to be in the mold of a CSP recruit. Any updates?

They’re very high on Marcus Henderson, Jalen St. John needs to drop weight and Ray Curry needs some seasoning

I thought Curry (powder) was seasoning :smile:.


I took points off for explaining your joke, but good one.

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Saw Curry and St John on the sidelines and they are big boys! Just got to get them SEC ready.

Comiskey pork, thanks for saying my joke was pretty decent. And you absolutely deserve to take points off for my explaining it. Normally I would not do that. I used to do stand-up and I never did it then. It is an insult to the listener to do it. And only a poorly constructed joke needs an explanation in the first place.

So at first I did not have the explanation in the post. But at times on this Board people have not understood that I was making a joke even when I put a smiley face after it, and once I even got castigated because my post was not interpreted as a joke when I intended it totally in jest. I get it, some people don’t have my sense of humor or are so serious about the Razorbacks their first reaction is to take any post totally seriously. So in an over abundance of caution, I added the explanation.

So my apologies for the explanation, and now for the long explanation of the explanation.

I will say I am not only glad we have Curry, but also delighted that our lineup is peppered with good players, some of which are pretty salty.


I asked Pittman about them couple of weeks ago. He said they are all doing well. They are all headed for their assigned weights in orderly fashion.

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I read that with relish.

Just give curry thyme and he’ll be fine

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Sage advice!

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Ray Curry is cumin along just fine

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I feel like I’m, being assa(u)lted by everyone peppering their comments with spicy bits.

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It’s a thread that will make you sneeze.

It is good to laugh again. Winning will do that. Here’s to young Mr. Curry. May he wind up one of our Greatest Of All Time.

With relish? And a sport pepper I assume.

Threads like this aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste.

Too bad he wasn’t recruited by Oregon(o).

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