RRS turf timeline


Does anyone know what all is in the substructure under the new grass? Are they putting in any kind of special draining system so the field can recover from rains more quickly?

I would have to think since they set aside the entire months of June and July for the “new infrastructure” and subgrade that there will be all kinds of bells and whistles. Maybe even something to keep the field from freezing if we have a frosty Thanksgiving weekend. As I recall, the grass we had last decade drained pretty well.

Understand why some like turf but I hate it. Give me grass.

I don’t know if many that have ever played on turf and said they liked it, or preferred it over grass.

I’m with you… I hated it. Grass is so much better.

I’ll be honest - I’m surprised we’re installing it as late as we are. Doesn’t give it much time to settle in before we’re playing a real game on it.

Wonder why they aren’t putting it in in July? Does it just take that much time to re-vamp the infrastructure beneath the field? Or is August actually a better time?

Seems to me, way back when I was putting a yard in my two homes (decades ago) any time from May on was prime time to sod or shoot hydro-mulch. I’m admittedly out of touch on the latest methods and time-lines.

Might be worth on of our erstwhile insiders doing a story and interviewing a sod expert for their comments on the timeline???

I like the natural grass! Even if it’s wet and sloppy.

It’s being grown on a matrix, which is the white looking stuff you see on the Winstead camera, it basically will enable it to be played on immediately. It’s not like installing some squares in your yard.


I am putting in some sod. It will be zoysia. It’s not quite ready in my area. Need some more warmth at night. Right now is not when you install sod. Much Later in summer - when nights are hot - is much better I’m told.

Quite probable that the optimum time to install sod in NWA is different than it would be for Wiz in DFW because of the weather considerations. Nights will be quite warm in NWA by the time they finish the subgrade work.

They’ve built 50+ homes in my subdivision since I moved in years ago. They’ve finished them out in every calendar month, you can lay the sod whenever, it’ll grow when the temperature warms up.

You know we’re bored if we’re asking to read a story about watching grass grow. :lol: