RRS renovation update

You can’t see much yet from the construction cam link pinned above, so I thought I’d give an update for the out-of-staters after driving by RRS yesterday.

The little hill inside the stadium fence at the northeast corner is being excavated down to the level of the lower east concourse, presumably to create the wraparound concourse at that end so that you can get from west to east without going through the food court. If you look very closely at the construction cam right now, you can tell (especially if you zoom in), but it’s not immediately obvious.

There is a crane behind the video board which is now slowly disassembling the Pigscreen. Obviously, that has to come down before they take down the current support structure, which will have to be rebuilt as part of the new north end stuff.

I think at some point they’re going to have to put a construction cam inside the stadium pointing to the north, but this is better than nothing.

There is a camera inside the stadium, looks like from SW to NE from the south endzone

So there is. Either I had missed that or it was just added. Thanks!