RRS Atmosphere

Several friends who attended the SC game said the atmosphere was terrible and they would not attend another game. These are avid fans who attend 2-3 games each year.

Pre-game setting was 150 Db of incomprehensible RAP noise. Ark band sat on their hands a lot during entire game.

Has something changed at RRS? It wasn’t like that last year.

Definitely a lot of piped music.

Interestingly this was something a lot of Cincy fans raved about being great

I really don’t care. I go for the game. Not the band, or the other music


I don’t think it is any different than last year.


The rap is good-players on sideline juking to it-but WAY too loud. Bring it down to the noise level of a lawn mower should do.

Would enjoy more band music. Think the band would too.


I thought it was a good atmosphere, better than most 11:00 kickoffs, especially considering how hot it was for the 2nd straight week. Sam Pittman’s head looked severely sunburned after the game


Funny, I thought the atmosphere was great. I’m 59 and hate rap music. I didn’t think they over did the rap.

I thought they did a great job of keeping the crowd into the game during the breaks.

Was it loud? Yes. Did it work and keep the crowd going? Yes.


Did you sing along to the rap?

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Nope. Wouldn’t know the words. Well, “Uptown Funk” I did. Not sure if that is rap or not.

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The atmosphere was just fine for what turned out to be a very warm afternoon.

I’m 59 also and I really like the music they pump in these days. Makes me think I’m at a big time SEC venue. Our volume and music choices are right in line with what LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and Tennessee do these days. We do the same thing in basketball. It’s not over the top in any way, I’m pleased we gotten with the times


As far as the music, I wonder if people’s perception is influenced any by where they sit in the stadium?

I don’t get to many football games anymore, but the last two times I was there, the music was deafening and made it almost impossible to talk to the person right next to me. It absolutely did affect my experience in a negative way. But I suspect I may have been closer to the speakers than others in the crowd.

Has anyone sat in different locations over the last two or three years and noticed a difference in the sound level based on your seats? I’ve been curious about this.

Wow! I didn’t see that at all.

I honestly would much rather hear the music than the band for most of the game. Not sure what that says about me but it is what it is.

I was very happy with the atmosphere!


Wow…those friends seem like a lot of fun. Geez.

The atmosphere was great and nothing different than last year. Crowd was loud and into it. Much more so than I anticipated for an 11:00am kickoff.


I would like to talk to them about their Bama tickets. Can you PM me their contact info?


To me the atmosphere was good, I do wish they would turn the music down some

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Avid fans, 3-4 games a year?
Atmosphere was good, very good for 11:00AM. Our tailgate was up and going at 6:30 AM.


Durn tootin I’m an avid fan! Have season tix and come to two or three games per year. 98 hour drive and prolly $800 expense. You a fan to?

Someone fix that to an eight hour drive. My phone won’t let me.

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Right before South Carolina converted a third-and-long on a screen pass, I leaned over to Matt and said the stadium was louder than at any point in Week 1. Crowd was solid. I understand some people getting out of the stadium to enjoy the afternoon and perfect weather when it looked like the game was going to get out of hand.

I’d also add that some of the long replay reviews and TV timeouts kind of killed the vibe a couple times. That plays a part in the atmosphere.


Every SEC win is fabulous.


TV time outs are killing the game. TV timeouts are why games are now 4 hours long.

The talking heads on TV keep asking the question on how to speed up the game. Running the clock here, keep the clock running there.

The game itself is fine…it’s the TV timeouts. They went to a timeout after a TD, came back for the kickoff, and then went to another timeout right after the kickoff. Literally after one play. It’s a joke.

Also, TV timeouts are longer this year. Most were 3 minutes and 5 seconds. There were 2 that I saw that were 3:45. Last year they were around 2:45.

It’s ridiculous.