The RPO needs to be addressed on this board. Yes, we ran the RPO on virtually every running play yesterday. Nearly every play has either a pre-snap or a post-snap read. Most of Pettway’s receptions came off of the RPO. The quarterback see’s the cornerbacks playing soft, or too far off, and we complete a hitch route. The RPO is taking what the defense gives you. I have seen a lot of people saying Ty Storey can’t run the RPO because of his speed. The RPO is a pass for the quarterback, not a run. Yes, we ran a couple of read options/midline read running plays (which Ty Storey miss read a couple of times). Those are not RPO’s. An RPO is a run-PASS option. The quaterback is counting numbers or reading a player and either handing the ball off or throwing the football. SO, YES we ran a lot of RPO’s yesterday and no the offensive line is not reading anything. They run the running play that is called. And an RPO is not a run for the quaterback.