Arkansas’ RPI jumped two spots back to No. 14 on the NCAA page this morning.

Among the top 20 RPI teams, only eight have more wins than the Razorbacks (40).

Those of us who reference Warren Nolan’s website knew this before we went to bed last night. And, his site shows you just how close we and Arizona are in RPI; which is why the outcome of a game not involving (directly) either team can flip-flop the order of the two teams.

Yes, it may not be EXACTLY the same formula (or, maybe it is - I don’t know). But I’ve watched it closely for the past couple of years, and the order of the teams (as compared to the “real” RPI, when it becomes available) is always the same. Plus, it is updated in real time. So, that’s what I use to keep current with this metric.

I get and understand that when the NCAA committee is in their meeting, deciding bids and seeding, they will use “the official” NCAA numbers. But the truth is that if they used Nolan’s site, they’d have the same information, at least from a ranking perspective.


Wiz, if I didn’t know better I’d think your real name is Warren Nolan.

Nah . . . I’m just a fan of being able to access information I’m interested in sooner than later.

Generally, you are too. And I feel certain Matt is.