RPI update

Yeah, I know, it’s essentially useless in December, but some sub-factors are interesting.

The Warren Nolan RPI simulation has our strength of schedule as #2 so far. Number 1 is Misery, which has played six top 50 teams so far. We’ve only played two, Minny having just fallen out of the top 50 after last night.

Our SOS is about to take a hit though. Troy and ORU are both on a track toward 300+. Bakersfield is 73rd, then EOE-K is top-10 to open SEC play.

Nolan has us 10th. Live-rpi.com has us 9th. Either way, again, it’s two weeks before Christmas and meaningless.

But indicates potential of Tennessee game becoming a huge one, esp if they can knock off Carolina at home.

The true picture of RPI
Look at the SEC teams that we will face.

RPI Record
2. Missouri. 7-2
5. Texas A&M 8-1
8. Tennessee 7-1
9. Arkansas. 7-2
26. Alabama. 7-3
30. Miss St. 7-0
34. Kentucky. 8-1
47. South Carolina. 8-2
60. Auburn. 8-1
65. Georgia. 7-1
73. Florida. 6-3
132. Ole Miss 4-4
162. Vanderbilt 3-6
163. LSU. 4-2
Total 91-29
The past few years we did not have as a whole teams within the conference this high. There’s improvement across the board. We have a couple of games that will drop us but every team in the NCAA does. Win at home and battle and split the road in conference games and we will be fine.

No easy games in conf, but hogs have got to win the games we should win, and win some games we shouldn’t. Still hoping Houston was just pure anomaly, but all too reminiscent of the inconsistency kinda gotten used to in past.