RPI? Ranking info?

All you RPI/Ranking guys out there… any updates??

The new rankings won’t be out for a couple of hours. In the RPI, Arkansas is sixth right now behind UCLA, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Georgia and East Carolina.

Thanks, Matt!!

Arkansas is still No. 4 in the coaches’ poll. Texas A&M is 19th. LSU is 20th.

4th in D1Baseball

Here are a couple of sites for you (and others) to bookmark, BoreHog.

For RPI: http://warrennolan.com/baseball/2019/rpi-live
(Note - not “official”, but 99% accurate and updated in real-time, which the official site is not)

For the various polls: http://baseballnews.com/polls/ncaa-division-i/

And here (see link below) is an interesting view of the Coaches Poll (USA Today/ESPN) that I don’t usually look at, but has a breakdown of the total points and high/low votes received. Interesting that MSU and Georgia both got votes as high as #2, while our highest was #4. On the other hand, our lowest vote was #12, while those two received ballots listing them as low as #15.

https://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/b … ches-poll/

Thanks, Wizard! Appreciate the info!

still don’t get the ECU love they have played a very weak schedule compared to those around them and the only real good teams they have played are UCLA,Miss st and OM and are 1-4 against them…they are a good team but shouldn’t be ranked ahead of any of the very good SEC teams…

They’re 11-6 against top 50 RPI teams, including North Carolina, Duke, UConn and UCF, and played many of them on the road. As I mention again and again, you get rewarded for playing tough teams on the road, particularly in nonconference play (with Texass crashing and burning, we have exactly zero NC games against top 50 teams, home or road). And they lead their conference by 6.5 games (obviously at this point they’ve long since clinched the regular season title).

I remember the same kind of derision being directed at Coastal Carolina in 2016; bad conference, they didn’t play anybody, etc. All they did was take home the big trophy in Omaha. Same with Oregon State in their first Omaha run in 2005.

Kind of reminds me of the lack of respect we used to get in the early Nolan years (Basketball). We’d dominate the SWC and we had bona fide stars in Todd Day, Lee Mayberry, Oliver Miller, Lenzie Howell, etc. Yet we never got the kind of seeding that our talent and record deserved. That didn’t stop us from getting to the Final Four in 1990.