RPI now #23 at live-RPI.com

After the Georgia win. We’re the 4th highest SEC team behind Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee. RPI doesn’t mean as much as it once did, but we’re far enough into the season that it does have meaning.

Thats great news. I was wondering what our RPI mayve jumped to after that game. Thank you for that.
What a great win tonight. Absolutley humongous. Loved how hard we played defense once we got down early. Great effort. Go Hogs!

We are gonna have a solid RPI as long as we win some games. Minnesota tanking doesn’t help but overall the schedule and results have been solid.

I’m a bit surprised at that. Of course, my surprise probably reflects my disappointment in the team over the past 3 weeks. The losses at MSU & Aub & the home loss to LSU made we think we are just one of those teams we’ve had in the past that performed well in pre-season & left us waiting for baseball by early-mid February. The loss at Fla just compounded that. Still, the teams who’ve beat us have had good records & we have seemed to regain some of our game.

Our wins have been very tight ones, but most of our losses have been blow-outs. I don’t guess that matters to the RPI, but it affects my evaluation. The road win last night really helps my outlook, though. UGA isn’t great, but they’re not bad. And it was on the road & we did come back from a 16 point deficit. Those are good things.

RPI looks good for NCAA postseason selection. We needed this win to boost our confidence for the coming games.

What the hogs need is a winning streak. About 6 to 7 games! I look for Texas A&M to drop like a rock in RPI in the next few weeks. So it may be real important to beat the Aggies twice. The hogs just aren’t deep enough yet to press full court for 40 minutes! Not having Garland available to play this season has really hurt. I wish they could build some leads in games to where our 3 seniors could rest and get some more minutes for CJ Jones and Gabe.
What’s so odd about this group of hogs they are shooting 40% from 3 and don’t take as many as a lot of the other teams in the SEC. That’s how Auburn leads the league in scoring and just simply has the heart to rebound.
The defensive end will have to improve for our hogs moving forward if they are to make a run in March.
Great road win ugly but it’s a win.

We have probably played the 3 best teams in the league (AU, Fla and Tenn), 2 on the road. And, Msu and UGA aren’t pushovers at home, either. If we can beat OK St and split @TAMU and @Lsu we will be in good shape.

Agree 100 percent. Texas A&M just lost to LSU for the second time in conference play, and now it has to go to Kansas for the Big 12/SEC Challenge. Then a quick turnaround for Arkansas on Tuesday. If that game against Kansas goes like a lot of people believe it will then who knows where the Aggies will be mentally early next week. Could be a prime time for Arkansas to steal another road game.

Yep. However, knowing A&M they may beat Kansas then lay an egg against us. A&M has got to be the most disappointing team in the country. How do you go from being ranked top 5 and beating West Virginia on a neutral court to bottom tier in the SEC.

Injuries and suspensions

They’ve been at full strength for a while now, at least a couple of weeks, and they’ve still been losing.

You sure? During AR’s game last Sat (maybe two Sat’s) they mentioned aTm still having guys serving suspension and not sure if one was gonna be allowed back this year. I don’t know, just what I saw mentioned by the announcers.

Yep, found it, they’ve been back for four games, they’re 2-2 (at Full strength in the SEC) one loss was at TN, not a bad loss, the other was @ LSU, can’t really say anything because LSU came in to BWA and thumped us.