RPI, NET, Sagarin all over the place

I know this metric has been replaced by NET (for Basketball - still used in Baseball), but I still like to check RPI out from time to time.

This won’t surprise anyone…well, at least not TOO much…but we’re currently at #155 in the RPI, even with our 6-0 record, due to terrible SOS.

What I did find surprising…a little…was that Central Arkansas, and their 0-5 record and recent 25 point loss to us, is just below us at #161

Meanwhile, we are at #43 in NET (estimate)…http://www.warrennolan.com/basketball/2021/net

…and #9 in Sagarin…https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaab/sagarin/

It’s hard to justify how the metrics work and also how the AP voters vote each week on the polls.
This may be the season the SOS ruins what could have been a good season because the SEC doesn’t appear to be strong on paper and quality wins may be tough to come by!

Army, it’s just so early in the season that those data-drive models don’t have enough information to be very accurate yet. Normally takes about 10-12 games before they start falling into place.

To be fair, it’s also hard to judge our team so far this year because of the competition. Normally, by now, we’d have played at least one Power 5 type opponent, and/or a road game to assist in that evaluation. Due to Covid related factors, we’ve done neither.

We’ll find out plenty about this team in the first 2 weeks of SEC play.

Your right about it takes 10 to 12 games for the data to level out but this non conference schedule won’t do our hogs any good and the rest of the SEC has pretty stuck it up so where are the quality wins going to come from?

Yep. We play the SEC’s only 2 ranked teams in our 2nd and 3rd SEC games. One at home and one on the road. And, we open on the road against an always tough to beat Auburn.

I think the hogs will beat Auburn.

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