RPI moves from 28 to 20

With the series win at Auburn. Imagine how high we’d have gone if we’d held on for Saturday’s win. Auburn dropped from 4 to 10.

Boyd Nation projects that there is no way we can get to a top 8 RPI in the remainder of the regular season. Of course Boyd doesn’t quite have the RPI formula right; he has the Hogs at 24.

Warren Nolan’s RPI site agrees with the NCAA at 20. He projects that we’ll wind up at #11 after the Bama series, which should be plenty high to get a top-8 seed. Nolan also projects that we go 4-2 in the remaining games, with one loss each to Vandy and Bama.

But there was a note during the telecast yesterday that the highest RPI to get a top-8 seed in the NCAAT was Tulane a few years back, at 21. We’re now above that, and should continue to rise if we play well against Vandy, Bama and in Hoover.

Kendall Rogers tweeted yesterday that he expected the Hogs to have a top 8 seed today when D1 Baseball updates its tournament projections.

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Nope, when Tulane was the #8 National Seed back in 2001 their RPI was 19.


I was going off memory of the graphic I saw, since I didn’t record the game. That may be right.

Yes, it was No. 19.

Just wondering about the “why” behind our very soft non-conference schedule, i.e., what was the thinking for it?

Seven in-state games out of 26 on the NC schedule (24 actually played). I think the schedule at Round Rock was easier than anticipated; Indiana is RPI 104, and LaLa is #53, and DVH thought they’d be better (Stanford is #28). That opening weekend last year when we played Tech, Texass and TCU did a whole lot to set our NC schedule, plus we played at LaTech which turned out to be very good.

When you agree to play in a showcase event like the one in Round Rock, you’re at the mercy of the organizer. That field actually looked pretty good on paper, but Indiana is having a down year this year.

Otherwise, I didn’t see much difference in how Arkansas scheduled this year and how it schedules most other years. The nonconference weekend opponents were all projected to be at or near the top of their conferences.

There was not a Power 5 midweek opponent this season, but I was told Arkansas tried to schedule Nebraska and it did not work out. That wouldn’t have helped the SOS much because Nebraska is having a down year.

Ultimately, trying to project SOS is a crapshoot. The teams you play have to perform well. The 2021 schedule was a big-time success because Arkansas beat all of the teams it played and several of those teams went on to have a big year.


There is no way you are going to convince me an SEC West champion and #2 overall SEC is not deserving of a Top 8 seed. I don’t care if the RPI is 30+


I agree, Scott, but better to remove their excuses not to give it to us.

I had Rally Cap on last night and afterward the NCAA lacrosse selection show came on, and I was too distracted with other things to change the channel. Wasn’t really paying attention, but I did hear that only one ACC team made the men’s field, while the Ivy League got six teams (20 team tournament). Which is fairly unbelievable even for as little as I know about lacrosse. Dunno why the ACC got shafted, but again better to remove their reasons to apply the shaft.

Lacrosse is major sport in the northeast. Went to undergrad in western New York. There were at least ten lacrosse players in my fraternity. Tough dudes with most of them hailing from Long Island. Other major sport was soccer. Rest of us played basketball and baseball

It’s good to see the RPI down to 20. If we win 2 of 3 against Vandy this weekend, it will move into the lower teens. Win 2 at Bama & it’s likely to get to single digits. Regardless, the wins at AU were huge & we’re in excellent shape to be a national seed. I could see us finishing with a top 4 national seed, maybe a little better. But getting one of them is the main thing. I’d like our chances of returning to Omaha playing host to a regional–especially if we’re playing on the upswing. We caught NCS last year when they were playing on the upswing.

Funny thing, though, NCS was knocked out of the ACC tournament on a 1-0 loss to Duke, which I watched, and they did not look impressive at all. I thought it might be because of the ACCT site in Charlotte, but the dimensions of the Triple-A ballpark are actually very hitter friendly (315 down the RF line for instance). But then they won three straight at the Ruston regional, so they fixed their problems quickly.

That’s the thing about baseball. Being on the upswing or downswing can change very rapidly. Hard to read too much into what will happen in the next game because of what happened in the last game. However, I knew when NCS sailed through their regional, we might have problems with them. My concerns were erased when we won that first game so easily. Goes to show how little my confidence/concerns matter.

Yep, momentum in baseball depends on the starting pitcher you face the next day,

There is no team sport where so much is dependent on the performance of one player as baseball

That would be true except that one player only plays every 5th day (once per week in college). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Softball pitchers are even more important than baseball pitchers since they can throw many more games and require much less arm rest (the revolving softball pitching motion imparts much less strain to the arm than the overhand start/stop baseball pitching motion). A softball ace is often a full scholarship player (cf. partial scholarship baseball pitcher).

Yes I mean on a game by game basis

It’s why you are essentially a different team each day


If they win the West, I would speculate that this team will be a top 8 seed. I’ve always felt that way. Just keep winning series and they will be fine. The SEC is a beast and everyone knows that to be true. You win the West, you earn respect nationally.


Yup, SEC wins more important than the RPI.