RPI jumps 61 spots since yesterday

I don’t have a clue how 1 game in a 6-game deep season can cause such a huge jump, we are now 4th in Warren Nolan. When I checked after yesterday’s game we were way back. I thought we were something like 84th, but the “delta” showed us up by 61. Either way, a big jump.

In fact, almost all the top 70 today had huge jumps. A couple of teams jumped more than 200 spots.

In the next couple of weeks it will change a lot. Once the hugs get into conference play our RPI will climb on up as long as we can win series! It would be nice to get a few sweeps.
Especially if it’s a sweep of LSU,
Miss ST or Ole Miss! I did notice we don’t play Vandy this year!

Although I am also “guilty” of having checked it a couple of times already (because I am a numbers nerd), RPI is essentially meaningless at this point. That will be the case for another 2 or 3 weeks, at which time enough games will have been played (and among enough teams) to give it some degree of validity.

But right now? Ignore it.

Oh I know it’s a meaningless stat right now, but I started following it toward the end of last season, so I’ve checked it a couple of times just for grins since the Gonzaga series began.

I looked earlier and the hogs are now 2 in the RPI.
Your right it really don’t do much good to start looking this early but by April 1st it will start being more meaningful.

It wasn’t just what we did…

After the 1st weekend, EIU was a Q4; after winning their next 2 games, they jumped to a Q1.

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The next weekend will be important. Three good RPI games in Houston.

Ah yes. That explains a lot.

It just nice to get the chance to beat Texas!

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