RPI improved from 37 to 33 today

We’ll see if the SoCar-Vandy result later moves it any in either direction. I would guess a Chicken win would be better for us, even though a Vandy win might open the door for us to catch SoCar for third place in the league.

Palm reader says Vandy

OU can’t win

Hadn’t had time to get over to look at that, but that’s not a surprise. In addition, we need SoCar to remain a top-50 team. Road win at Vandy might put them back in top 25, which would be even better.

Currently the live-rpi.com forecast says that based on games in progress, we’d slip from 33 to 34 tonight. That would be with OU and SoCar both winning. So an OU win would not help us but wouldn’t be a huge setback either.

We could have had a bump Houston led early over SMU and eventually lost by 10.
The RPI is always moving. We just need to keep winning. I think SC winning that game would help us more than Vandy!

Palm reader says Okie Light too

OSU making a bit of a comeback. We can always hope…

Don’t know if you’re watching that game, but man, it’s a good game 94-92 OSU 1:08 left

Naw, I’m at work but following the score online.

Vandy is up as well 59-56 4:28 left SCe at FT line

Okie Light won, Chickens in trouble, but it appears we’ll remain #33 even if the Poultry loses. And we’ll be one game out of third with the tiebreaker.

Usce is gonna mess around and end up on the bubble.

It’s sure looking like it, isn’t it? Whatever the problem is that led Martin to walk out of practice Monday clearly has not been resolved.

Chickens are now #30 in RPI, just behind Okie Light and three ahead of us. They will remain our best win for a while unless we beat the Gators, or Kentucky in SECT, or somebody good in the Dance. Vandy and Tennessee are now #49 and #50, but Vandy has to win the SECT unless they go on a huge run. Today finally put them over .500 for the year. EOE not much better. UTA somehow remains #41 in RPI in that league. They might just steal an at-large bid from somebody if they don’t win their tournament.

When I looked at their conference stats, I was shocked by some of the offensive deficiencies that USC has been able to overcome. Unfortunately for them with UF on deck they get three of the four best offensive teams in the SEC in a row. That made coughing up that Bama game particularly painful. They don’t have much margin for error on D against a top offense unless Thornwell can dominate the game, or their arc shooters have a good night. However, after UF they play three straight games against teams that are in the bottom half of the SEC in shooting. I won’t be surprised if they lose at UF with a lot of speculation that they are in freefall and then recover to close the season.

My hope is for South Carolina to beat Florida, then Kentucky beat Florida in 2 OT and then we catch Florida tired and after the way they struggled today it’s possible Florida is set to go on a 3 game losing streak themselves. That may hurt the SEC as a whole we could end up with only Kentucky in the top 25
The chickens are down. Thornwell looked tired today in that game. I think the minutes have caught up to him. We could end up in 3rd by SEC tournament time if we continue to win.