RPI hit....

Wasn’t as bad as I thought.

WKU is a top 100 RPI team as is Texas. Or downfall right now is our RPI is 117, but it’ll get higher as the season goes on. Now the Tennessee game could make our season.

I wish that was true of the “NET”, the new formula the NCAA committee is using for the tournament. We had worked our position up to #33 and now, after yesterday, we’ve dropped all the way to #71. I knew we’d drop but was surprised how far we’d dropped. It’s still at the beginning of the season, but we’ll probably have to wait until we win a couple of SEC road games to get back to 33 or better.

https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketbal … t-rankings.

This early in the season, a particular game has a much bigger impact on the NET or the RPI. But in March it will just be one of 32+ data points. Right now there are 8 data points, not 32 or more.