RPI has already jumped to #14 witn tonight's win

If we can split the next two games, it ought to stay there or even possibly move up a spot (remember, a win on the road is 1.4 wins; a loss only .6 losses. So if we win one more game, and then lose one, our “adjusted” record for the series for RPI purposes will be 2.8 - .6). If we do that, I think we host. If we sweep, we are a lock to host (though NOTHING is a lock until is announced, I know).


First thing I did this morning was check the RPI. Was pleasantly surprised we moved up that much. I agree a series wins means we likely host. It also probably means we get that 4th bye at Hoover. We’re a half game ahead of MSU. If we win one more & they lose one more, we’ll finish ahead of them in the standings. (Even if one of their games gets cancelled for weather & they get a 1-1 split with LSU so that we end up in a tie, we own the tiebreaker.)

I cannot imagine how we wouldn’t host if we somehow sweep A&M. I guess we could go 0-2 in Hoover & hurt ourselves, but I’m already getting too far ahead of things. Regardless, I think we’re in a good position right now. Doubt there’s any way we can move up to one of the 8 national seeds, but we can continue to improve our seeding. (Glad we saved some arms last night.)

Noticed last night that Baseball America had us as a 2 seed in Hattiesburg, MS, in yesterday’s bracketology exercise. But that was when we were the #5 SEC team. Now we’re #4. Hopefully we stay there, or even move up. If we sweep and somebody wins two straight in the UK-Florida series, we pass that loser, and of course we can still catch LSU in the West if MSU wins two and we win two. But it’s important that we stay ahead of MSU in the top four, for the bye in Hoover as well as for the NCAA committee.