RPI goes from 31 to 28 tonight

According to live-rpi.com (which also had tonight’s game as a 0.5-point edge for Vandy; I think they got that pretty darn close).

Does the TN win help our RPI?

Not really. We beat TN but we lost to UK. So it’s a wash from that standpoint. Tennessee almost crept into the top 50, which would give us a quality win at the end.

True, I would think our TN win helps a lot more since it was at Knoxville than our KY loss hurts because it was at Lexington. Road wins help more than road losses hurt in the RPI. So I would think we got more value out of TN beating KY than if KY would have won.

We need the SEC teams to do well against the Big 12 teams this coming weekend. That will help the conference RPI out and maybe some of the national perception of the SEC.

Where you been, man?

Welcome back

It probably helps our perception but as far as the raw RPI numbers, no. One of the things I like about live-rpi.com is they have a feature that tells you what games in progress are likely to do to our RPI. I checked in there after our game was over (and registered in our RPI) but before the Kentucky game ended. The In-game RPI (the one that takes into account games in progress) was the same as the live RPI – 28th. BTW, we’re still 28th this morning, as we are on the real thing – the NCAA’s own RPI list (which I’m glad they finally decided to update daily).

A good showing by the SEC on Saturday would be nice. But I’m mainly focused on a good showing by the Hogs at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

Other metrics this morning:

KPI 25th (was 29)
BPI 44th (I think we were 45th)
Pomeroy 45th (was 48)
Sagarin 42nd. As an aside, his predictor numbers have us as a 6-point dog in Stillpatch Saturday.

OK St, with their 12-8 record, is still a top 50 RPI, at #45. Wouldn’t a road win there Saturday, give us another bump in the NCAA RPI? Likewise, a road loss shouldn’t hit us too hard.

It should help, although I suspect losing to us would knock them out of the top 50. It’s very difficult to predict how much the single win would help. Maybe 23rd or so.