RPI goes from 13 to 11 after win at Auburn

Which is the third highest among SEC teams, but is getting in the ballpark where we’ll definitely be in the discussion as a regional host and quite possibly as a national seed, barring a late flop. And the good news is that this weekend is our last series against an SEC upper-echelon team. Ole Miss is 7-9, Tennessee is 4-13, Vandy is 8-9 and A&M is 10-7 in league play.

A win tomorrow would really go a long way for us. If we do that, I think I’m pulling for Aub to win the MSU series 2-1. Don’t think I want either of them to sweep the other. If we can sweep OM, we should be in the driver’s seat for a good post-season position. I know late season flops are possible, especially if our shallow pitching strength starts to tire the ones we have, but it’s nice we’ve played the best teams we’ll face this seaon. Aubie, MSU, & LSU all behind us.

Why, Jeff . . . you’re actually referencing Warren Nolan’s site (since the “official” NCAA site is not yet updated, I know you’re not referencing it). See how liberating it can be to use the estimate that’s 99% accurate and available in real time?

Just gigging you because of our “history” on this subject. Assume you will take it as such.


As for your second point, yes - the rest of the schedule is favorable for us - relatively speaking.