RPI Final

I’ve been following Warren Nolan’s RPI for most of the season and it looks like we’ll end up 1st regardless of what Vandy or MSU do. That has to be a first -
not make the CWS but win the RPI “National Championship”.

As I told everyone we would 2 weeks ago…

"In fact, it was a historic year in the way we distanced ourselves from the pack and then virtually lapped them. I believe, when the CWS is over, we will STILL be #1 in RPI, a feat which I don’t believe has ever been done. The teams in Omaha that remain play so many games against good competition (and, obviously, are having continued success) that it really boosts their RPI. But we had such a huge lead that it will be interesting to see if the winner can catch us (and that’s after we LOST our last 2 games).

To further my point…we went 9-3 vs. the CWS field. That HAS to be some sort of a record for a team that didn’t make it to Omaha. Probably for a team that DID make it into the CWS, too."

By the way, our SOS will still be #1 as well, and we will finish 2021 hitting more HR’s than any other team, even though we didn’t have the advantage of the extra games in Omaha.

I don’t think people realize what a historic season this has been…yes, they know we were #1 for much of the season, but things like not losing ONE series all of the regular season, being consensus #1 for the last 8 or 10 weeks (whatever it ended up being), having a HUGE lead in the RPI over the 2nd best team while playing THE hardest schedule in the country…Winning the most games in the country while losing the fewest (aside from Fairfield, who played a bizarre schedule and should not be compared to a Power 5 school). Going 22-5 against teams in the NCAA Tournament, including an incredible 19-5 away from Baum-Walker against such teams.

ALL of this while NOT making the CWS…nothing like this has ever been done.

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And being 4-0 against the two teams in the championship series. That probably is rare.

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