RPI back to #14 after TCU win

Started the week at 14, dipped to 16th after Moo U, back to 14 today.

NET was 34th this morning, will be updated Sunday.

Pomeroy has us 28th tonight.

Dipped to a 9 seed this morning on Bracket Matrix; we’ll see if that improves as weekend results are processed (two 8 seeds played each other in Ann Arbor today; Illinois won).

Pom has us projected 23W …sweep or lose 1 at home, get 2-3 on the road, that
should do it :sunglasses:

Nolan still projects 26-5 with the only loss at Florida. But that’s only a 1-point loss, basically a pick-em.

All the projections are between 22-9 (10-8 SEC) and 26-5 (14-4 SEC). I think if we can get anywhere in that range, we will be good.

Just adding this (some are aware), Muss’ average as NCAA HC is 24 wins. So, we are projecting around his average

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NET isn’t updated yet. Late games dropped us to 29th in Pomeroy.

Completely aside, I’m wondering if San Diego State is going to go into the tournament undefeated. Road trip this week to UNLV and New Mexico and end up the regular season at Nevada, which is still pretty decent without Muss, but the rest of the schedule looks really manageable.

Pom says we lose it by 4, Baylor sure handled the Gators last nite.
2nd loss on their home floor.

5 left on the road, last game in Reno. Doubtful :sunglasses:

If they get out of Vegas and the Pit unscathed it becomes a lot less doubtful. And UNLV is only 11-10. Oh how the mighty have fallen since the Shark Tank. Of course UNLV hired Chris Beard from UALR only to get poached by TTech. I suspect the Rebs would be a lot more relevant now if they’d kept Beard.

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It is doubtful simply because teams don’t go undefeated, since Indiana and Knight I was reading
13 teams went undefeated during REG season but none won the NC. Couldn’t find the list, have to dig deeper to find it. But hats off to S Diego St, haven’t missed a beat under Ducher since Fisher retired.

Yeah the Rebs would be rolling…there is another whole story on the Beard deal w UNLV…they completely botched it by leaving him in Limbo for two weeks waiting on the Board to meet to approve his contract. Shortly after, the rule was changed for the board having to approve all coaching contracts.
They deserved what they got.

Nope. There have been 14 teams that went undefeated in the regular season in NCAA history since the NCAAT started in 1939. Of those seven won the NC. Most recent, of course, was Kentucky’s 2015 team which failed to win the title. Half of the 1976 Final Four was undefeated, but Rutgers lost both games in the FF that year.

The others that didn’t win:
1968 Houston, lost twice in the Final Four.
1975 Indiana, lost in the regional final to Kentucky.
1979 Indiana State, should have lost to us, lost to Sparty in the NCG
1991 UNLV, lost to Duke in the Final Four.
2014 Wichita State, lost in the second round to Kentucky.

Which leaves the ones that won:
1956 San Francisco
1957 UNC
1964 UCLA
1967 UCLA
1972 UCLA
1973 UCLA
1976 Indiana


I didn’t look as hard as you. Yeah, but less than I posted since Indiana. Check. But I still say SDS
will stub their toe. We’ll see. :sunglasses:

Best thing for them really, as per your post you don’t won’t to be undefeated going in.

SDS may not get challenged enough in conference play or their conference tournament to be ready for the dance!
They are in a similar conference like Gonzaga. Wichita State should have strayed in the Missouri Valley! They might get beat enough this year that they could get left out of the dance.
I hope SDS gets beat!

I don’t get this. We’ve played perhaps the easist 6 games of our SEC schedule and we’re only 3-3. All real data points point to something closer to a 9-9 SEC record.

I disagree, our last 7 games. MSU, @Fl, Mizzou, TN, @Ga, LSU, @aTm. That is an easier 6/7 game stretch. In the next five games we also have USCe, @Mizzou, and @TN.

ESPN has a game by game predictor. Out of the 10 games I listed, they predict us to lose @TN and @Fl. So far, they’re game by game predictor had us at 15-4. However, it has us losing to Indiana and beating KY

At this point I would be happy with 9 plus conference wins. The games will be played and I think the KY - Miss ST back to back games were the toughest on the schedule. The hogs should have won in Baton Rouge!
The hogs haven’t won in the swamp in my recent memory.

1995 was the last time we won in the O-Dome

Well it’s has been awhile. What’s your prediction of the trip down there this year?

IMHO, depends on which FL team shows up. They have a very good team, but they’ve played up and down this year.

Similar to the way Texas A&M and South Carolina have played! But it just seams like the hogs never get a call late in the swamp! We have literally had games stolen by the refs! It almost as bad as Rupp!

Most recent games in Gainesville weren’t close. We generally don’t shoot well there. We did get hosed by John Hampton in the O-Dome a few years ago.