RPI as of 9:53 pm

Hogs up to 6th. The Paperclips are #3 after beating TCU. Aggies also dropped below us. We now have the best RPI in the SEC.

Settle in at #5 after all is said and done Saturday.

Now - to protect it!


Not bad for a team that “feasts on crappy teams and can’t play with solid ones”.

There I go being a bully, again, with those pesky facts.

#5 as of 1:15 am CST. Woo Pig.

Above numbers from live-rpi.com, which is linked with rpiforecast.com. The site owner runs simulated seasons through his computer 10,000 times to make those forecasts. They forecast a most-probable RPI of 19 at the end of the season, but some of his simulations end with the Hogs as the #1 RPI. And those simulations were run before the Tennessee game.

Awrite Swine, cool site! :wink:

This is what drives me crazy about the polls when it comes to people talking about SOS and cupcakes. These are teams in the top 25 poll
Rank. Team. SOS. Record
25. Creighton 150. 10-2
24. Florida State. 195. 11-2
22. Texas Tech. 158. 12-1
21. Cincinnati. 251. 11-2
20. Gonzaga. 145. 10-3
18. Baylor. 249. 9-3
15. Miami. 136. 11-1
9. Virginia. 117. 11-1

So for those saying the hogs feast on lesser teams. Here’s a few ranked teams that not only like to play cupcakes they are ranked. I did this on Friday and have not updated it all. These polls mean nothing!
Voter bias has made this no more than a joke.
Our seed in the NCAA tournament will also be lower than what we will earn. I know we will have to play the Tar Heels to make it deep too.

Yep! This is the initial list of the top seeds for the NIT tournament, most of them screaming shrilly about how they got robbed of their spot in the big dance.

Hogs now up to #4 RPI. Probably the highest since 1994.

The hogs could potentially play their way into a good seed for the Dance in March.
Need to avoid a bad loss! The win over the Sooners is huge! And it may become a factor moving forward. Keep winning games.

Rpiforecast.com still thinks our most likely final record is 23-8/12-6 with an RPI. That mark could conceivably get a co-championship in the SEC, such is the depth of the league this year, and would correlate with a 5 seed in the Dance. But 24-7 is almost as likely. They predict that 24-7 would mean roughly a 12 RPI, which correlates with a 3 seed. Seeding and RPI don’t necessarily go together but they’re close enough for that kind of prediction. Anything better than 24-7 is probably a top-2 seed.

I looked at the Wizard and only gave us wins of above 67%. Then anything over 50% at home. The away games below 67% and the two games we are listed as under 50% chance makes 23-8. That’s counting @AUB as a loss. If we beat AUB, we would be 24-7. However, there are a few road games I think we can win. So, if we win out at home and win a few “toss-ups”, we may get to 6 or less losses. We will see. Right now, Miss St scares me (Over 70% win prediction). I think they’re underrated and will have a chip on their shoulders. Think this will be a good game for the Hogs to realize what to expect the rest of the season (everyone’s best shot)

Swine we count on our seeding for the Dance being connected to the hogs being put right in line with a matchup with the Tar Heels.

The good thing about having a top 4 seed is that the usual meeting with UNC can’t happen until at least the Sweet 16. Unless the Heels fall out of a top 4 seed themselves.