RPI after last night

We traded places with MSU in the RPI. We’re now #4 & they’re #5. We should stay ahead of them if we sweep LSU & they lose at least one at OM. At least I think we should stay ahead of them. OM is ahead of LSU right now. Maybe losing a split series at OM helps them more than a sweep of LSU helps us.

Regardless, I’d love to sweep LSU & see an OM-MSU split. That’d put us 3 games up in the SEC west with only 3 games to play.

I think Ole Miss’s pitching is a bit better than MSU’s so, I’m expecting Ole Miss to win 2 this weekend. That’s important to us as MSU skates next weekend, while we go to College Station and the Rebs go to UT-e.

Interestingly, we’ve pushed LSU out of the RPI top 20. Seems reasonable as they’ve lost a couple arms.

totally disagree about OM pitching being better than MSU…MSU friday and Sat guys are high draft picks in fact Ginn the sat guy turned down 1st round money.OM has draft pick on Friday and true fr on sat,no comparison IMO. MSU is the better team IMO but OM is like us they play very well at home but still think MSU takes 2/3.

I think Ole Miss has the tougher lineup. MSU has the better pitching. I generally will go with pitching, but college baseball is sometimes different.