Roy Williams

When hired at Kansas was an assistant to dean smith and according to an avid North Carolina fan, was not even the top assistant. Gutheridge I think was deans right hand man. And Kansas is/was a blue blood. We are not anymore.

We are fretting over all these rumors , very depressing comments when a coaches name is mentioned. I’m sure some said Eddie Who when Sutton was hired. And Nolan who? Former juco then Tulsa coach who Sutton has beaten.

Lots of good coaches out there. Let’s support whoever HY hires. Every coach is hit and miss.

Great post! I agree.

Great post. Coach K, Bill Self, Tom Isso, Calipari; etc. were all “up and comers” at one time.

We need a coach with energy, desire, passion, relates well with kids, new ideas…kinda like Sutton and Nolan when they were hired.

So just roll the dice and hope? I don’t think so. I hope they are better at evaluation of talent than that. Frank certainly was.

Do you think Kelvin Sampson possesses all those qualities? He’s 63. Eddie and Nolan were much younger when they were hired at UA.

His performance at UH indicates he does.

Hunter Yurachek had tremendous success building UH’s athletics success with the only true benefactor being Tillman Fertitta. I’m not sure who we’ll end up with as a basketball coach but for now I trust HY very much. He also clearly demands winning at a high level. I think our outlook is excellent no matter the hire.

Watching the March madness games convinces me it’s the players and not the coach that win ballgames— we must have an A plus recruiter if ever hope to reclaim past glory

AAC. Not the same as SEC, not even close.

OU. Big 12. i’d say that’s close.