Rowser signs with

FCS Campbell.

Now, will the insiders please tell us what the heck is going on?


The Fighting Camels gave Kevin Kelly his first loss as a collegiate coach, 72-0.

As I said yesterday, when we can speak about it with more clarity, we will.

That’s as far as I feel comfortable - journalistically and legally - going at this point.


Reading between the lines sounds like maybe some legal issues

Wish Myles all the best and good luck.
Glad he didn’t wind up at an SEC rival. (Yet).

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Always appreciate you being above board in your job Dudley! You, RD and all the writers are always that way!

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Maybe he will hit the portal next week……

Maybe down the road the young man ends up on the hill. Good luck to the young man!


Snippets from a couple articles I read this evening. I wonder if they’ll print corrections after more details are available. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Four-star safety Myles Rowser spurns Arkansas for…FCS school”

“an SEC program that many believe is on the rise, just got beat out by a school that almost no one even knew was a school,”

Another snippet is he may have been involved (from the outside) with people in a car jacking ring.
Call it a snippet ie rumor for now.

Lack of common sense and a stab at sensationalism.


I think you folks are reading way too much into this. Myles probably grew up dreaming of playing for the Camels and would be willing to walk a mile for the opportunity to do so.


I’ve been to Buies Creek, NC. There is no there, there.

Did you go there on a horse with no name? I assume it is in the North Carolina desert and that creek, is just a mirage. Good place for Myles to lay low for awhile.

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It’s actually in the piney woods of NC. It’s not even officially a town; it’s a census-designated place. Other than CU, not much there. Population less than 3,000. But it did have minor league baseball for a couple of years; the Astros’ low-A team played on the CU baseball field until they built a new downtown ballpark in nearby Fayetteville in 2019.

Campbell does have a good basketball camp. Like the big schools do, but at a much lower cost. And it’s not just Campbell people, they bring in ACC talent and whatnot to have sessions with the kids. Michael Jordan went to the camp as a kid. Good enough for MJ, good enough for my kid, I drove him to the middle of nowhere to attend the camp several times (although the UNC camp was right next door. But I did drive him 1000 miles once to go to Nolan Richardson’s camp, just for the experience for him and a vacation for me. Which I certainly could not have at Buies Creek).

When my son was going there we heard rumors that Campbell was planning to start fielding a football team. I could hardly believe it. It seemed ludicrous with their small enrollment and remote location. But if they can recruit 4 stars they must have a heck of an NIL program :smile:.

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LOL! Only we of the older generation will realize how funny that is.

For the younger generation:


Thanks Harley, now that commercial will be stuck in my head for another 50 years and I’ll be whistling that little ditty for days!

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It was a good one. And to quote another old commercial line, “I’ve tried everything, but I prefer a Camel”. Or “Campbell’s, mmm, mmm, good”.


Updated Camel slogan: I’d walk a mile for a Camel. If weren’t for this damn emphysema and heart disease!