Rounds 11-15

These are the rounds to really watch today. They are the ones where teams are looking to get good players at a little bit of a bargain, or to use some over-slot money.

If Knight and the top signees fall past the 15th round, it’s a good sign for the Razorbacks.

Dakota Bennett, an Arkansas LHP signee from Alabama, just went in the 11th round to the Marlins.

Round 15 is over and Bennett still is the only Arkansas player or signee off the board today.

Bryce Bonnin was drafted by the Cubs with the final pick of the 26th round. I think he’ll make it to Arkansas.

Catcher Casey Opitz just went to the Indians in the 27th round.

Thanks for all of the updates, Matt.

I’m sure it depends on how much money the Marlins come up with in the end, but is there any indication the Bennett wanted to go to school? Or do you figure this ship has most likely sailed?

Thanks again for all of the information, man.

I don’t know how much Bennett desired to come to Arkansas, but I had heard in the past couple of weeks that his name was shooting up draft boards. My guess is that if he was drafted in the 11th round, the Marlins felt good about his sign-ability.

Something to note on Bennett: He originally committed to Alabama, but flipped to Arkansas about a month before signing day and after Alabama made a coaching change.

Turney was just drafted by the Indians in the 34th round.

Outfielder Heston Kjerstad was drafted by the Mariners in the 36th round. Josh Alberius went to the Marlins four picks earlier.

Blake Wiggins to Reds in 20th!

Max Hogan, another former player, went to the Orioles in the 32nd round.