Round Rock Classic schedule announced

Arkansas will play Indiana on Feb. 25, Stanford on Feb. 26 and Louisiana-Lafayette on Feb. 27 next year at Dell Diamond.

Tickets are on sale today. All our games start at 6 pm. We are visitors Friday and Sunday. Home team on Saturday. Not sure why we seem to get all the late games.

If you play the first game at 6 p.m., you want to play the next two at those times. It’s customary to get the same rest between games.

It’s because Arkansas will easily be the biggest draw there.

Indiana has become one of the best programs in the Midwest. Which sounds like damning with faint praise, but Michigan did play in the CWS championship series two years ago against Vandy after knocking #1 UCLA out. And of course Nebraska gave us all we wanted in the regional.

Anyone else tried to buy tickets? When I choose a ticket for the first game, I’m unable to get back and purchase tickets for the other two games. When I click on “continue shopping”, it only gives options for purchasing tickets to games to Round Rock’s current minor league season games.

If I’m going to buy tickets, I’d like to buy them all in one purchase rather than have to make three separate purchases.

I bought my tickets today. Did 3 separate purchases. Gave up trying to do all at once.

I ended up doing the same – separate purchases for the first two games.

I haven’t decided on game 3 yet.

Debating whether to go or not bc twins will be on spring break from LA Tech and want to go…big hog fans. We oughta have a HI party somewhere that weekend, or a golf outing. Some great courses around that area! Anybody interested?

I’m curious what kind of weather this event will have. It is one week later on the calendar than the week of the big freeze this year. One week after Arkansas’ games in Arlington, I think most of Texas had a weekend day in the 70s.

Yes. All three of our games are at night in February, which gave me a bit of pause while ordering tickets.

I think the average high/low that time of year in Round Rock is about 69/46, so maybe it won’t be so bad.

I’ve been down there several times in late February and the weather is hot or miss. Some years it’s fine and nice, and other years it’s been brutal.

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