Rough Start to round 3 for the Lady Razorbacks

The 2 freshman have two doubles and a quadruple bogies between them - having to count a plus 6 right now. Dylan Kim is one over thru 5, pressure is on her to have a solid round. Benton is even and Fassi is one under. Hogs are now 5 shots ahead of the cut line, in 4th place with Fassi thru the 3rd hole.

Long day ahead. Those in NW Arkansas, has the weather and wind?


Yes, we are hemorrhaging strokes right now. Must literally stop the bleeding of the patient will die.

FYI, The Golf Channel will broadcast the even starting at 3 PM Central.

nice revision of score for Brooke Matthews, taking a double down to a bogey plus a birdie has put worst counting score at plus 3 now, while Kim has moved one under thru 9 (Huge if she hangs in there!), Benton 1 over and Fassi 2 under…at moment team is plus 1 for the day and 10 shots ahead of cut line

Fassi leads individual at -5 thru 6 holes of final round, 2nd place Florida golfer is finished at -4.

Now even par today and 14 over overall

Duke is +5, Texas and USC both +13 and Arkansas fourth at +14

The Lady Razorbacks are a solidf 14 ahead of the cut to 8 teams right now … &tid=17030

Maria Fassi is 6 under and leading by two shots over Florida’s Sierra Brooks, who is in the clubhouse at 4 under … &tid=17030

Turned on Golf Channel just in time to see Fassi pour in a nice par putt on 10. She should know how all the putts break for sure.

I got curious and looked up the Arkansas golf course ratings at the Golf Course website. The Blessings is the #2 course in the state. Number one is the Alotian Club, Warren Stephens’ toy west of Little Rock, which is the #31 course in the country. Of course you can define The Blessings as a John Tyson toy.

Another weather delay. Hope they can get the round in today. Finishing tomorrow and then three rounds of match play in two days would be a mess.

What a fantastic round to this point by Dylan Kim, 1 under thru 17, after two tough rounds. Fassi playing like a pro today. Hang on ladies and good luck in the match play!