Rough start for Darrell Walker at UALR-Little Rock

Bad home losses to UCA and UAPB. And how about former Parkview star Ryan Pipppins? Dude is now listed at 6’ and 250 lbs. Have you ever seen a 6’ 250 lb Guard in D-1 basketball? Can’t help but think he would be a much better player if he would shed about 40 lbs.

He’s having to play with the remnants of the train wreck left by the current assistant coach at Auburn, and a lot of young guys, so he’s got a tough task this year. He’s going in a different direction going forward-just signed two JC big men and a high school forward, all foreign guys playing in the USA.

The loss to UCA was away at UCA. UCA will be at UALR on December 8th in the return game.

UALR missed 13 free throws in a row, something unheard of at Div 1 level. That was the ball game.

If Darrell can tap into Arkansas talent over the next three years that Hogs cannot sign because of scholarship limit, I am confident he can turn it around. I bought UALR season tickets in hopes of that. Let’s see.

PJ I knew that UCA loss was in Conway, not sure why I posted that. Just sloppy posting on my part. An unforced turnover. I’m obviously in the pre-conference part of the season and need to tune my game up before the first of the year.

Need to quit playing cupcakes, eagle :slight_smile:

More bagels with cream cheese on my schedule than cupcakes Swine. Same effect. I better clean it up or I will be the Ryan Pippens of message board posters.

Comments- Now that’s a long shot. You can rest a sure D1 programs from the power five conferences are watching and constantly recruiting within these borders, they are aware of Mike’s situation young players and the cupboard is full. I’m sure Darrell clearly understands his plight when he accepted the job at UALR and I’m sure he will be given plenty of time to right this ship although the way is difficult coaching up 2s and some 3s. Such is the way of life when your program in general is considered #3. Again Arkansas is a small southern rural state and there is only one flagship program and it is the UA.