Rough one from Jeff Traylor and UTSA

What an awful performance. Undisciplined, panicked play calling, drops, turnovers, etc.


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One game causes the shine to be off? WTH

Not just one game…but how they lost it. Throw two personal fouls onto it in the end as well.

Traylor’s father died this week and it was a bowl game. I don’t know that I’d put a lot of stock into him as a coach based off this result.

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Yeah, I’m being too hard on him. Forgotten that his dad had passed this week.

But man, what a brutal, undisciplined effort.

Interestingly, Joe Craddock calling plays on the other side of the ball.

I didn’t realize Craddock was at Troy.

I don’t know what the future holds for Traylor in terms of coaching at a higher level, but I’m impressed with what he has done in a short amount of time at UTSA. He has won 30 games in three seasons. The program had a total of 26 wins in the six seasons before he got there.

Remember that time Drew Morgan got a personal foul in a bowl game for spitting on a Hokie? How’s his shine these days?

I was rooting for Jeff and UTSA. They had their chances. Can’t imagine coaching a game after losing your dad. Tough…prayers for Jeff.


Me too. I was so pulling for Jeff and UTSA.

I knew Joe went to Troy. Mentioned it here. Taylor Powell almost reversed decision after last season and stayed at Troy to play for Joe when he arrived at Christmas. But previous year they did not throw. Joe does throw.

You’re consistent…I’ll give you that.

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I’m curious the last time a team had five turnovers and five personal foul penalties in the same game.

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