ROTHSTEIN 45: Early edition for 21-22 - College Hoops Today

Hogs No. 11.

I agree with his starting lineup.

I’m a bit confused, RD. Besides Rothstein’s obvious Big 10 bias (ridiculous), I see he has Bryce Thompson going to Okie Lite. I thought Trey Alexander was going there as well, but he makes no mention of it…?

Bryce made his decision over the weekend. Trey has not made a decision yet.

Based on the film I’ve seen, I think Toney and Umude should be flipped. Also, I wonder if he had updated his roster for us with Robinson. I’m betting not.

Didn’t mention Robinson so probably not.

I agree, I had not paid attention to the positions Jon had listed fir them.

I am surprised he doesn’t have Jaxon Robinson listed since he has Remy Martin listed for Kansas, Anyway, I am not sure that would have moved Arkansas up into Top 10 on this list. I am saying that because I don’t think Jaxon replaces a starter on that list.

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