Arkansas will start Isaiah Campbell and Connor Noland, and won’t name a Saturday starter until that day, or after the Friday game.

Auburn will hold Tanner Burns for Friday and won’t name a starter for Saturday. Brooks Fuller will start Thursday’s game.

Tanner Burns is their Ace. Correct?

What do we know about Brooks Fuller?

Do you think they are considering using Scroggins out of the Pen on Thursday or Friday?

Dang! Fuller is a left-hander who look very good last week against South Carolina.they will have a decided advantage on Friday if they win Thursday smart move on his part as bad as we hit left-handers.

Fuller has a 2.08 era, pitched 21 inn. Gave up 14 hits and struck out 16but he has walked 14 batters so he has struggled with control the key will be for us not to swing bad pitches and hopefully he will walk soon and we can come through as some key hits

I’m sure other SEC coaches know we struggle against lefties. No matter when they pitch one, it’ll be something more we’ll have to overcome. Regardless, I’m confident Campbell can hold Aub down to no more than a couple of runs through 6 innings or so. I don’t know how many it will take us to win any of our games against them, but we’re gonna have to improve in several areas if we want to win any games against them down there, much less win the series.

Yeah we definitely are going to have to improve against left-handers for sure. If we are patient I believe we can hit Fuller he walks a lot of people if we will let him and not swing at bad pitches.
Campbell and burns on Friday will be a good matchup hopefully we can help Campbell out with some runs.

Two things for sure. Take the ball to the opposite field and don’t swing at the pitch up or off the plate. Right now there’s a scouting report out on how to get the hogs to swing at junk out of the zone and it’s working.

The reason we struggle against left-handed pitching is it takes away most all of our power. Are left-handed hitters are not going to hit many home runs and are right-handed hitters just don’t have much power besides Martin and gets himself out most of the time by swinging at bad’re right the key is to take the ball the other way but like I said it takes away most all of our power.

Campbell should be out for revenge against Auburn from last yr who ripped him for 6 hits and 3 runs in 2 inn.I think he is much better than last yr but it will be interesting to see how he does…

If I was in DVH shoes I’d go all out to win game 1! If we are able to win that game is throw the kitchen sink at Auburn trying to win Game 2. That includes using Scroggins out of the bullpen. Game 3 would just be a committe day of bullpen hoping some young pitcher can show something unexpected and get in rolling.