Rotation for Ole Miss series

Thursday: Blaine Knight
Friday: TBA
Saturday: Kacey Murphy

I have been scared since last season that McKinney and Campbell would never make it back. Sure hope I’m totally wrong and that they can start throwing strikes and help the team. The expected really deep rotation has kind of been derailed.

This is going to be a very hard series for us because Thursday night left-handed they’re throwing will be the best one weve seen all year and we won’t get many runs off him he held us the one run and 6 in his last year.
We threw bonnin and Rutledge last night so we are in a bind.Evan Lee could probably throw three or four innings but after that who knows maybe bolden gets to start either way very hard series especially if we lose game one which is very possible against a very good left-hander

We have a very good right hander going in game one. Don’t give away game one, with Knight on the mound, we have a great chance of winning game one.

My guess is that Evan Lee or Matt Cronin gets the Game 2 start, with Lee being the most likely.

Why would they start Cronin and take him away from the closer role? Who would close if that is the case?

I am very concerned about the pitching. As it stacks up now, we do not have enough arms to last in a regional.

The coaches have thought about starting Cronin in the past. In fact, they let him start some in the fall to see how he would handle it.

If he starts, I think Jackson Rutledge would be used in a closer role, like he was last night.

Eventually, Jackson Rutledge is going to be a starter. It could be this year. I’ve seen Matt Cronin stretch out to three innings and still with gas in the tank for more. So him starting would not be a surprise. Rutledge can and has closed.

Having said all of that, if they get to the late innings with a lead in game one, I would bet that Cronin closes. You take a win on the road when it presents itself and figure out the next day later. I have seen Dave Van Horn do that for almost 20 years dating back to his Nebraska days. He will use whatever it takes to win game one.

If we can get to their starters, we will win this series. Pitching is their strength. Our offense is much better than theirs. We will have to have the usually good outings from Knight and Murphy. The big question is, who is the Friday pitcher gonna be and what can we expect from him.
Can’t have the errors that have plagued us lately. Make ‘em earn everything!
We will win this series! Go hogs:bangbang:

How did Cronin handle the starting role in the fall? I just see him as a closer because he has trouble throwing his #2 and #3 pitches for strikes consistently.

Cronin and most everyone got hit in fall. Hitters generally dominate in the fall and they did this year.