Roster weight updates

I saw elsewhere some weight updates.
Jalen st. John.6’5 359… that’s a lot of weight 49 lb since signing Day.
Stromberg 311
Cunningham 325
Wagner 319
Henderson 284? Lost 16 pounds not sure what the deal is here.
Boyd 206
Dorian Gerald 288
Xavier Kelly 311
Jonathan Marshall 317
Levi draper 223 lost 11 pounds
Andy boykin 311
These are just a few I can remember.

It will be nice to watch a game and have a chance to protect our QB and run block with out getting pushed around! Welcome home CSP…

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I see where Beaux Limmer is down to 293… He and Marcus Henderson both lost weight since the spring… they were both around 300 pounds. Unusual considering Pittman loves big lineman. Soli back down to 235.

Is Luke Jones eligible this Fall? Roster shows him as R-So this Fall & 295 lbs. He was ranked 43rd nationally when he signed with ND. Have not heard anything further about him & his development.

This is complete '20-'21 OL roster. Obviously not updated with current weights.

50 Chibueze Nwanna OL R-Sr 6-7 338 Hyattsville, Md.
51 Ricky Stromberg OL So 6-4 311 Tulsa, Okla.
54 Austin Nix OL R-So 6-2 312 Texarkana, Ark.
55 Beaux Limmer OL R-Fr 6-5 293 Tyler, Texas
56 Marcus Henderson OL Fr 6-5 284 Memphis, Tenn.
57 Shane Clenin OL R-Jr 6-6 316 Festus, Mo.
62 Brady Latham OL R-Fr 6-5 296 Jenks, Okla.
66 Ty Clary OL Sr 6-4 298 Fayetteville, Ark.
67 Payton Simpson OL Fr 6-4 360 Bentonville, Ark.
70 Luke Jones OL R-So 6-5 294 Little Rock, Ark.
71 Ryan Winkel OL R-So 6-6 307 Memphis, Tenn.
72 Drew Vest OL R-Fr 6-6 299 Searcy, Ark.
73 Noah Gatlin OL R-So 6-7 307 Jonesboro, Ark.
74 Jalen St. John OL Fr 6-5 359 Festus, Mo.
75 Ray Curry Jr. OL Fr 6-5 320 Memphis, Tenn.
76 Myron Cunningham OL R-Sr 6-7 325 Warren, Ohio
78 Dalton Wagner OL R-Jr 6-9 319 Spring Grove, Ill.
79 Dylan Rathcke OL R-Fr 6-5 290 Baton Rouge, La.

Yes Jones is available as far as I know

I can remember when a DL for the Detroit team was the biggest player in the NFL. He weighed 264 or so. Growth Hormones are amazing.

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