Roster update, 6 p.m. Wednesday edition

  1. Jaylin Williams
  2. Devo Davis
  3. Jaxson Robinson
  4. Kamani Johnson
  5. Nick Smith, Jr.
  6. Jordan Walsh
  7. Anthony Black
  8. Derrian Ford
  9. Joseph Pinion
  10. Barry Dunning, Jr.
  11. Trevon Brazile
  12. Makhi Mitchell
  13. Makhel Mitchell

I tend to think the transfer turnstile isn’t done spinning, and that we’ll add/subtract at least one more.

At least

Wow baked, you seem to be implying that Muss is basically blowing up the roster. Are you saying there will be more subtractions from the roster as it stands tonite?

There is a lot of smoke out there that one more leaves and one more transfers in

My thought is that we’re still looking for a Toney type to bring in. Of course, with 13 on the roster, if we bring in a Toney type, somebody has to go.

That leaves Devo, Kimani, and Robinson. I really hope it is not Devo.

This is probably absolutely meaningless, but Muss had Jaylin, Devo and Kamani at the GMA thing today repping the Hogs. They looked pretty dang happy!


huh, ok

well that’s encouraging

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Saw that as well.

I mean there are a lot of rumors that there is still one more guy on the roster from last year that won’t be here next year, and a very good portal player will be here to take his place.

What’s the max we can have? Asking for a friend. :joy:

I don’t guess you could enlighten us who don’t know those rummors?

OK I’ll ask what is the GMA thing?

WOW! I’m starting to experience a sense of revelational knowledge of how tide fans probably feel during football season. And it feels DANG GOOOOOOD!


TJ Holmes is the Good Morning America host. He is from West Memphis and a UA grad. Was in town and shot a GMA promo on campus and talked to Muss, wife and players mentioned above.


We’re at the max right now (13), which would require another departure to add anyone else.

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I’ll be really shocked if Kimani stays although he appears to really like it here, very much look like a great team player. I know in his mind he has to see we’re bringing in guys bigger and more athletic than he is, so I can only imagine his head is spinning.


Maybe Kamani goes off scholarship - can he still stay on the team and play? He has graduated, correct? Isnt this his 5th year?