Roster talk plenty as Arkansas begins Penn State prep (story)

I like to hear that about Crawford he’s a big guy and we really need him to play up to his capabilities.

Interesting comments about Landon Rodgers and how Coach Odems wants him on defense. He could be a nightmare at DE/LB if he had that mentality.

Of course, he might have to be moved back to qb with the injury to Renfro or just remain at TE/ WR where he looks to have a bright future too.

Jalen St. John has now entered the transfer portal.

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Dudley is this a surprise to the staff? Is this considered a huge loss? Seems Clay was pretty impressed with JSTJ ? Could we look now be looking at a Transfer OT? Thanks

I would say it’s a surprise since Coach Pittman was surprised he wasn’t at practice.

They will be able to add 6 or 7 more additions. Curry supposed to be back next season, but I assume they are assessing things

Darrin Turner is the biggest upside to have hit the portal, speed and size with some moves that could make him special with some more KJ hookups.

But he’s not been able to crack the rotation

Exactly we’ve had several highly ranked WR recruits not be able to do anything here… Not sure what to make of it but we’ve had several.

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