Roster review after Harris departure

Obviously very fluid situation, could have people transferring out and transferring in. But here’s what we have with the unsigned commitments:

F/C: Vanover, Iyiola, Henderson, Chaney, Obukwelu (walkon), Williams, grad transfer?
Swing: Mason, Moody
PG: Devo, KK, Notae
SG: Joe, Sills

If Ethan or Reggie leaves, that opens up another spot for a signee or grad transfer. But all grad transfers aren’t going to contribute (Cylla). I’m wondering if we might look for another guard as a transfer instead of another big.

It’s splitting hairs but Notae is definitely in the SG/scorer category. He’s not a PG. if Mason comes back next year, I think you’ll see him play a lot at the 1.

Fair enough. I haven’t seen him play, and Mase at the 1 is a definite possibility

There will be plenty of options on the roster next season. Right now I’m hooding the spring signing period brings the signature of Williams, Moody and K.K.! Once the ink dries them we can all sit back and see who CEM plucks from the portal! We also haven’t heard any news of whether Jones and Joe will return for another year. That’s just as important in my mind at this point. Man it’s great to see the hogs headed in a positive direction.

If Jones & Joe stay we have a possibility of being lethal with the help of incoming talent. WPS

I would think the current state of affairs would make the signings of Williams, Moody, and Robinson more inevitable than ever. 2020 kids have likely had all the evaluation by prospective coaches that they are ever going to have.
Just a hunch, but I would also suspect that all of the Fantastic Four would like to play a year with both Jones and Joe…… so whether or not either/both of those guys leave likely has little impact on the signings of the remaining 3.

If Mason comes back, I think it makes sense for him NOT to be the point, not because he is not an effective scorer or even passer, just think that with more weapons next year we would be wise to move more to passing the ball to create open shots than a one-on-one scorer. As great a job as Mason does, I think his style on offense often creates a lower focus by the others, kind of watching him.

Keith. What about KK? Is he more of a true PG or another undersized SG?

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