Roster question for weekend series

Is there a place that the 27 man active roster gets posted each weekend?

I meant to respond to this the other day and forgot while covering the games. The 27-man roster is not posted anywhere, but I have a pretty good idea of who was on the roster at Vanderbilt. I think it looked like this:


Hagen Smith
Hunter Hollan
Will McEntire
Zack Morris
Parker Coil
Gage Wood
Cody Adcock
Christian Foutch
Ben Bybee
Austin Ledbetter
Brady Tygart

Position Players

Tavian Josenberger
Kendall Diggs
Jared Wegner
Jace Bohrofen
Ben McLaughlin
Caleb Cali
Brady Slavens
Peyton Holt
Parker Rowland
John Bolton
Harold Coll
Mason Neville
Reese Robinett
Hudson Polk
Jayson Jones
Hunter Grimes

Did Sean Fitzpatrick not make the trip?

I think he made the trip, but not positive. I know he is in Hoover.

You can make the trip without being on the 27-man roster. Peyton Stovall was in Nashville, for instance.

Saw him going to the bullpen

Matt, do they let redshirts suit out at home or travel?

Players who are redshirting and are on the 35-man roster (36 for this year) dress out for the home games.

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