Roster question and are we still in the portal hunt?

Currently our roster is projected to look something like this: (borrowed the image from Twitter)


So I keep hearing something to the effect that there could be some issue with the Mitchell brothers. Something about needing waivers or for some reason not being eligible next season. Can anyone shed light on that?

Now if the brothers don’t make it here and Jaylin comes back, we would still have an open slot. If Jaylin is gone then two spots? If the brothers DO make it and Jaylin comes back we are one over. Do grey shirts still exist? Can someone redshirt on an NIL deal?

Still a lot to digest right now… would be great if someone could do an article and clear up a bunch of this speculation and what if scenarios that seem to be circling around our program like buzzards on roadkill.

PS: and for those over-reactors out there, I was not referring to our program as road kill, I just happen to be looking out my window and saw some buzzards circling some road kill and the comparison was fresh on my mind.


For a long time, I was thinking that was going to happen. Since Richard has repeatedly posted recently that he expects to see both on campus, I’ve finally put that out of my mind. I think it’s just all internet rumor.

I believe there is only one thing still up in the air. It appears the only potential change to this roster is if JWill decides to come back. PLEASE!


Richard has said he expects them to be on campus. But being on campus and playing are not necessarily the same thing. If they don’t get the waiver, they can’t play, for instance. And there are persistent rumors that there’s a workaround to get under the 13 limit and still have the twins on campus.

I don’t think they need a waiver because Rhode Island fired their coach. Clearly, the new coach doesn’t want them back (because the local paper said the twins burned the bridge for returning?). Pretty sure that frees them up in the eyes of the NCAA.

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