Roster building

After last night’s let down I’ve seen a lot of posts asking why we are not playing the freshman safeties, Noland, etc. I hope the staff will think long and hard before playing any of those guys more than four games this year.

This year’s team is neither fish nor fowl, a combination of the remnants of the old staff’s failure and the new staff’s last-minute first recruiting class. It’s sprinkled with a handful of good older players, quite a few promising young players, and a lot of guys who either are a poor fit in this system or simply not good enough to be in the SEC.

We’ve had too many teams in the past where young guys were thrown into games too soon to squeeze out one or two more wins. I hope that does not happen this year. Even if one of those freshman is better right now than the older players, if saving that year of eligibility is best for the team long-term, then we should just take our lumps and only let those guys play four games. This is the first year of a multi-year re-build, it’s not the time to eat our seed corn.

Good perspective and it goes back to the whole patience thing I’ve tried to get better at as of late.

If Story can’t go this week it’s Connor time. Tulsa will be starting a freshman too. Iowa State hammered West Virginia with a true freshman QB last night. This can’t play freshman mentality because their confidence might be bruised is complete BS.

Yea but they could get more than their confidence bruised. Just ask Ty. They aren’t running against HS defenses.

If Ty can’t go–and only if–then playing Noland and/or JSJ might be perfect sense Tulsa might be a good breaking-in experience. But it certainly isn’t a must. The coaches will make that call. They get the big bucks.

Iowa State started freshman Brock Purdy in last nights win against West Virginia. We will be facing a freshman redshirt this weekend. There are a lot of freshman under center this year. I get your point about injury. North Texas had a lot better team than Ole Miss, and he saw action in that game. Granted ANY QB on this team could be mauled at anytime playing behind this offensive line

We may see a lot of newbies including Noland this week due to the injury situation. Best be thankful we playing Tulsa next.

I agree that giving every one of those new guys a four game look is good. It will help make their spring/summer more productive and you save the player’s four years of eligibility.

But for the ones who haven’t already burned the redshirt, it’s really BS to throw away a year of eligibility on the chance we can go 4-8 instead of 2-10, or simply because the fans are sick of watching some of the starters screw up. We are going to need some third year sophs and fourth year juniors in 2020-21 to go with the improved talent the staff is bringing in. Better to grit our teeth and put some of these guys on the shelf now than to keep hoping a bunch of freshmen and JC guys will save us in two or three years.

You would have to look long and hard to burn their redshirts at this point. Morris will not give up, but he should not mortgage the future either.