Rooting for the Aggies today vs. LSU

If they win, we’ll face them in their 5th game on Saturday, while it will be just our 3rd.

They have good pitching…or at least, they’ve been getting very good pitching in Hoover. But they’d have to be throwing guys at the back of the bullpen in game 5.

Probably a moot point, as I expect LSU to wallop whoever pitches their 4th game today.

LSwho pitching will be abt the same, I expect it to be a high scoring game today.

I think it will high scoring, too, unless Ty Floyd is able to go deep into the game. I’m guessing LSU won’t extend him so he can stay fresh for next week.

I don’t disagree with you guys; probably will be a shoot-out today.

But I like LSU against most anyone in a “shoot out” scenario with all of that offensive firepower they’ve got.

And most importantly - from a Razorback perspective - I’d rather take my chances against the Aggies in their 5th consecutive game than whoever LSU pitches, plus that previously mentioned offensive explosiveness.

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Yep, but the Aggies have been playing good ball this week - playing like an SEC West team.


I would like to see LSU get their bull pen beat up.
The Aggies will be short pitching too!

A twelve inning game would be great.

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12 to 18 would be lovely.


Yes sir armyhog……

It’d be awfully hard for the Aggies to win today. Is this their 4th game this week? If they do, it’ll be awfully hard for them tomorrow. Only slightly easier for LSU. So either way, I like our chances tomorrow. Wouldn’t break my heart to lose, but I’d like to win. I hope UF loses tomorrow, though. If we’re going to the championship game, I’d prefer to play against a team who has played at least one more game than we have

Well, I got what I wanted (more rooting AGAINST LSU than “for” Aggies).

Now we just need to play well tomorrow. Relax and play ball.

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