Room for grad transfer-- good news

Dudley’s report that we are leaving room for a grad transfer is good news IMHO. I have watched game after game this season where a grad transfer has played a significant role, not necessarily starring but certainly starting.

Glad to see we are taking that talent pool into account. For many of us, the grad transfer rule requires making a few mental recalebrations, but I think once we really get our minds around its impact, I think we will see that the rule has the potential to give a school like Arkansas a boost.

For example, what if a bona fide downhill type LB from the MAC wants to boost his draft stock by transferring to a power 5 school? I think he could find an immediate home in Fayetteville. BTW, you may have noticed that there have been several MAC types starting for power 5 schools this year.

We should keep our eyes on this transfer thing.

Bama got a starting WR from the MAC this year, for instance.

Grad transfers effect the 85, not the 25.

We’ve not done well with the recent grad transfers we’ve had. Hopefully that changes.

Don’t know where this is coming from. Only grad transfer that comes to mind is Raulerson. All-American? No, but he’s started a good bit of the season. Maybe he hasn’t played as well as you would have liked, but he’s not wasting away at the end of the bench either. And I think his main problem is that he’s too light. Herbert has a chance to fix that before next season, since he has a year left.

Cameron Jefferson did ok, played some OT and heavy TE, he also played a little NFL, Broncos for sure.

Oh yeah, the guy from UNLV. Nothing in either one of those two cases to make you swear off grad transfers.

The only way grad transfers hurt you if they don’t workout is twofold, they take up a roster spot, or don’t complete their school work. If you take a grad transfer and he fails to complete his work in a set amount of time, you are barred from taking another one for set time period.

Jefferson and Raulerson

Yep, and Jefferson was a useful contributor on the OL at multiple positions as RICEPIG noted.

I don’t remember CJ getting much run at all, much less a starter which is what I would assume you’d expect from a grad transfer. I’m mistaken apparently

I do believe the SEC, does count grad transfers in the 25 Initial Counters.

Hmm, I’ve never seen it listed as such, but I guess it’s possible. I mean, who truly knows the rules, haha.

That would be BigJohnHog. :smiley: