Roof will be closed

I checked with the Cotton Bowl today to ask if the roof would be closed Saturday, and it will be. It always has been closed for this game, but I wanted to be sure there were not some covid considerations that might change things.

Do they have any set criteria for how that’s determined? I honestly tend to forget that the roof can be open.

How often is it open for Cowboys games?

I’m sure there is a criteria for it, but I don’t know what that is. I watch all of the Cowboys games and I can only remember it being opened for a handful of games, all at night.

I don’t ever recall it being open. It’s never been open for any game I attended there. Of course, I’ve only been to maybe half a dozen, but the roof was always closed at those games.

It’s been open a lot. They also open the big doors at each end.

The Cotton Bowl?

I hope KJ and theOline are prepared for the noise I know our fans can bring it,but those aggies can mak some noise

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