Ronnie Brewer will


Senor Davenport is he taking someones spot who left or is this a new position?

Lets hope he can talk Keith into coming in a short amount of time! Woo!

New position.

Same position as Pat Ackerman.

so what happened to Ackerman?

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I read that position as one that cannot go out on in-home visits. Right?

No one loves Hogs more than Ronnie. Since Thurman was let go, that was one thing missing from the Muss staff. An ex-Hog.

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Correct. On campus only.

Is that considered a full time job? What does it pay?

Full time. Don’t know the pay yet.

Sounds like he’s taking Pat Ackerman’s job. Do you know where Ackerman is going?

He’s still on staff.

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