Ron Holland

We all woke up today and Ron is free. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!


No delays… Count down… on.

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Hog lock?


Numerous experts have said Holland was coming but nowadays you just never know… I don’t think he can find a better situation to prepare him for the NBA then what we have with our staff coming from the NBA…

Supposedly the staff is not concerned about him making visits…

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With all due respect, PJ, I went thru that grind along with the players. No, I wasn’t under a microscope, but I did have to be at The Bud at 5 AM for a 6 AM practice. Sometimes we slept in the hall on road trips to prevent, well…use your imagination. We had to shoot free throws, and if we missed, the players ran. I never got to go on Spring Break or spend much holiday time with my family.
Long story short, we weren’t just water boys, but I would do it again a million times.
College is just a special time in life…even if only for a year.


If I remember correctly, AB only played in about 20% of their games. If Ron is “only” equal to AB, he would make a huge contribution next season. AB was clearly the best player on our team last season. He impacted the game in just about every offensive and defensive category.

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Depends on who you talk to

Anyone have an end date for all of this drama one way or the other?

July 4. Independence Day. LOL

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I would hope he would come for summer workouts with other team members if they do that.

Hopefully within the next few days. RD said that our new players are reporting this weekend.
Still waiting to hear Devo’s plans too…not quite sure why we haven’t already?
I feel confident Jordan will stay in the draft.
Suspect Grant Nelson will as well.

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Not so fast. Apparently Texas has agreed to release Ron Holland, but hasn’t filed all the paperwork, yet.

Also, being told we are in a dead period until midnight

From the outside looking in, this whole thing has just made Texas look petulant and spiteful.

I cannot fathom what they are thinking and how their PR and Recruiting people can allow this to continue to fester. This will be a poison that recruits will remember about Texas for some time in my opinion. It will also be used by those recruiting against Texas as well… of that I have no doubt.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of tea-sipping egomaniacs. Truly the Empire of Orange has earned their EVIL moniker on this one.

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There is a basketball god…

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Expert this… expert that… he is going here/there, I don’t know. What I do know is the best recruiting guy in the business right now is named Muss.

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Definitely at the top right now

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Muss + Arkansas NIL is an unbeatable combination.


Is this happening or not?

I think we are in the waiting stage right now. I think in 2-3 days when we have final answers on Devo and Walsh, then we will find out more if Holland is to be or not to be. I have a gut feeling the powers that be know the final answer of whether its yea or nay and its just being played close to the vest. But I have no inside info/contact to substantiate that.