Ron Holland

The Hog world was a whirlwind just 10 days ago with the Ron Holland news then the whole thing sorta went quiet. Any news on what’s going on there?

I just read some stuff that part of the problem is that Texas is slow-playing his release from his NLI? Anyone know if there is any truth to that or is it just net guano? I thought coaching changes were ground for release? And in the wild portal days… do you really need grounds?

Any updates from anyone that knows what’s going on out there? Just seems to be crickets since the initial report.

They can be, but school is not obligated (other than, you know, decency and a concern for doing the kid right) to grant the release. It does appear that EOE is dragging its heels massively on this one.

Hang in there Votan, old friend I hope you are doing well Senor Votan.



He’s going to be a Hog so just go ahead and relax, just working through all the crap Texas is doing right now from what I understand.


I am writing it down- going to be a Hog. Pencil or pen?

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I read elsewhere that a school has 30 days from the time of the request to release an athlete from his NLI agreement.

I would guess that Texas is taking its sweet time because they are unhappy about him leaving and are possibly hoping it will force him to the G League rather than another school. (But that’s just a guess.)

Ultimately, if he wants to become a Razorback (and there’s lots of smoke that he does), there is little they can do to stop it.

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Oh, they can stop it. If they refuse to give him the release, RH can’t play for Arkansas or any other college for a year. Which would drive him straight into the pros. It would be a horrendous move from a PR/recruiting standpoint, but they could do it.

Its Wednesday and it would be a great day to #FreeRonHolland !

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Has a school refusing to release ever been litigated? it seems in today’s legal environment which has benefitted the student-athlete that this might be problemsome to a court somewhere.

There is an appeal process if the release is denied. I’m not aware of anyone suing as a result of the appeal being denied. It would kinda be a moot point because of how long a lawsuit would take, unless they were able to get an immediate injunction allowing them to transfer.

Depends on how the exit clause is defined in the NLI.

Here’s what the NLI has to say about the release and appeal process. If the first appeal fails, a second one may be filed.

I just wonder now with the transfer portal and the one free transfer without penalty if this rule would be set aside if challenged in court. I have heard of kids that were early enrollees in January that are already in the portal. Not exactly the same but close. But you’re right it would probably take too long in the court system unless they received immediate injunctive relief.

IF Texass chooses to prolong a RH release, doesn’t the pr program realize the
harm it would be creating for future recruiting possibilities going forward?

Just curious… maybe they think if they drag it out, his options for other teams will dwindle because other teams can’t afford to be held hostage on roster management and turn up empty handed at the end of the day. Texas then hoping maybe he will stay at Texas. I know its not good optically, but I got friends in Texas and that’s the kind of twisted things they think. All that tea sipping rots the brain.

Not saying they know or think anything about this situation… just saying all that Texas arrogance and ego makes em so full of themselves they think crazy things.

Your correct but also remember if Ron was set on going pro he can commit to gleague or pro and be let out of his LOI. That’s makes me feel way more comfortable about us getting him

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Read my last comment

If he goes pro, the NLI is moot. NLI does not effect pro signings. Only if he wants to go to another college. He does not need to be let out of anything to start his pro career.

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Its Thursday and it would once again be another great day to #FreeRonHolland !